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7-day batch tracing service from just £1.75 per file.

Great value batch tracing service

Have multiple addresses to trace?

We offer discounts on bulk tracing and searches. Perfect for local authorities, councils, banks, and utility companies looking to locate absconded customers.

There are two basic levels of bulk address tracing services:

Auto-trace: Your files are automatically checked against the latest datasets, with options to include telephone numbers and email addresses. This service is fully automated and not verified by our trace specialists.

Manual verification: Our specialist premium service involving manual human verification through desktop tracing, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in the results. This service also offers a 90-day retrace free of charge for any gone-aways.

Both levels include key details such as insolvency information, addresses, PAF (Postal Address File), CCJs (County Court Judgments), and collection scoring.

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Upon receiving your instruction, our team of tracing experts will carry out the traces and return the results to you within 7 working days.

It’s not just enough to provide a new address for your subject – accuracy is key. We use the very latest datasets and, combined with our trace analysts experience, can boast a 99.9% accuracy rate from over 3,000 monthly traces.

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Bulk Tracing

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Locate your subjects

Persistent late payers often ‘skip’ their addresses deliberately to evade chasing creditors. Fortunately, in this digital age, it is not long before they leave an electronic footprint. Moreover, when they do, we have the compliant tracing systems – databases and intuitive search tools – coupled with the manual skills and ability, to locate them

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Protect your reputation

It is not enough to merely trace your subject – you need to know that we have done so legally and ethically. UK Tracing is acutely aware of your reputation, so we always act within the permissible legal and ethical boundaries. Compliance is as vital to us as it is to you and cutting corners never pays in the long-term.

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