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A bespoke service perfect for locating your tenants who’ve left your property with outstanding bills

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Absconded tenants can cost landlords £1,000s

Tenants can leave your property without notice or at the end of a tenancy, and without leaving a forwarding address.

What’s worse is when they leave behind unpaid rent, damaged property, or unpaid utility bills.

Unfortunately, when people move without warning, it can take a while for them to establish a ‘footprint’ at a new address.

That’s where our Trace Surveillance Service comes in.

For just £40, we’ll perform weekly database checks for a period of 6 months to find your ex-tenant’s new address. Once we’re alerted to a new address, we’ll perform a full desktop trace to provide confirmation of the address and send you a report detailing the results.

It’s not just enough to provide a new address for your subject – accuracy is key. We use the very latest datasets and, combined with our trace analysts experience, can boast a 99.9% accuracy rate from over 3,000 monthly traces.

Unlike some mass tracing services, we provide a full report on your subject. Available data on a positive trace includes (where available) verified telephone numbers and email addresses, CCJ and Bankruptcy information.

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