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  • UK Tracing

Experts in tracing UK people

We provide a fast, compliant, and in-depth tracing service; combining investment in the most up to date address and financial data with experienced trace investigators.

How it works

Simply purchase your trace from our online store and submit the last known details for your subject.

We get to work – providing an efficient 2-day turnaround on full desktop address tracing.

You get your report – with all information for your subject including (where available): CCJ and bankruptcy information, verified telephone numbers and email addresses.

If we can’t locate your subject, your money is refunded.*

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  • Industry leading

In-depth investigations

Our team of specialist tracing agents analyse the most up to date information from multiple datasets to confirm your subject’s address. Information on the subject is taken from credit reference agencies and consented and public information databases. One of our trace analysts collates the data, looking at the various datasets, including telephone directory, electoral roll, insurance information, loan applications, credit activity, and residency scores, to determine the subject’s most recent address. Two separate data sets must confirm the address and comply with the Credit Services Association’s Code of Practice.

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Boosting our clients’ bottom line.

If you can’t find your debtor, they’ll never pay.

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*no trace, no fee is applicable on any positive desktop trace. A positive trace includes a confirmation of the address you provide. Some services, including Absconded Tenant Surveillance, are non-refundable.